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  • Aluminum Shock Tower
    Aluminum Shock Tower 45 aed 30 aed Buy now!
  • Front Roll Cage
    Front Roll Cage 50 aed 35 aed Buy now!
  • 1/16th Drivetrain
    1/16th Drivetrain 185 aed 180 aed Buy now!
  • Shock Springs
    Shock Springs 200 aed 185 aed Buy now!
  • Split 8 Spoke Wheel
    Split 8 Spoke Wheel 45 aed 35 aed Buy now!
  • Vorza Flux HP
    Vorza Flux HP 2600 aed 2500 aed Buy now!
  • Baja 5B Clear Body
    Baja 5B Clear Body 250 aed 210 aed Buy now!
  • 56t Spur Gear
    56t Spur Gear 35 aed 30 aed Buy now!

Know More About Us

Excitement is what it is all about! HPI cars and trucks are renowned for their exceptional durability, innovative designs and high quality, but most of all they are FUN!

HPI’s success is firmly rooted in the excitement, curiosity and genuine enthusiasm for everything about radio-controlled cars, and we carry forward the momentum of our innovation and success
into every product we design and sell. From the wheel-to-wheel action of on-road cars, to the wild acrobatics of monster trucks and the extreme size and power of large-scale off-road, HPI designers
have continually led the way, forging a path for the rest of the industry to follow.

HPI is proud to offer unique, exciting and fun models that have brought thousands of people into the hobby. HPI’s worldwide fan base shares the passion about their cars and the RC hobby with
everybody at HPI. RC car fans can be sure that HPI is continually looking ahead to come up with the next big thing.

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